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Help! Mais moi je parle français!

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Watercolor Stickers That Fit You

Frequent Asked Questions

There are many questions that may naturally arise about the stickers I produce, shipping time, etc...

That's why I decided to gather them in this small topic. If you still have open questions, please feel free to contact me directly. This list can therefore be completed at any time according to your questions!

Subjects list

1. Do you make some customisation ?

There is for this a great german word "Jaein..." which I could translate with "yes and no..." and let me shortly explain why. Each watercolor painting and before all the graphic process ahead a stickers sheet needs many hours. That's why I need to evaluate each request individually and trust me, there are many!

If it concerns only a small variation of a preexistant sheet/kit, it is more probable that I can find time for it. But it can also happen that your idea is the most great idea I ever heard and decide to struggle to make it :) So please, feel free to share your request anyway!


2. How long is processing time ?

Official production time is 1-2 work weeks, but we make a point of being faster, so that production time takes usually 2-5 workdays.

pink watercolor cactus

3. How long is shipping time ?

All orders are sent from Switzerland. Sadly, we don't have any private shipping way yet, like a magic jet plane, so we work with the Swiss Post. All orders are sent with Priority mail. It doesn't include a tracking number.

The estimated carriage times according to the Swiss Post are the following:

  • Swiss : 1 workday
  • Europe : 2-3 workdays
  • US, Canada, Australia (out of Europa) : 5-7 workdays.

Please note that orders can be stuck at facilities and I already saw orders arriving with a delay of 2-3 weeks! There's nothing that I can do to avoid it, only recommend to wait until 3 weeks. If the order still doesn't emerge, the best way is to contact me through the Etsy platform. Each case will be evaluate individually.

pink watercolor enveloppe

4. Where is the tracking number ?

To keep shipping affordable, tracking is no more included with standard shipping. Contrary to other EU postal services, the Swiss Post doesn't offer any tracking number without supplement and doesn't refund any lost order if there is no paid tracking.

I encourage you to choose the tracking option in case of big orders. To add tracking to your order, please select the shipping upgrade at checkout.

Choosing tracking gives me the opportunity to refund or fully reship your order if lost.

5. Can I pay with a different way than with Etsy ?

No. After trying bills system, I decided not to make it anymore. It requires a lot of time for the processing and is at high risk of mistakes. All orders have to process through my Etsy platform.

pink watercolor purse

5. What about collaboration ?

I'm open to collaboration, as long as they are clear and as I can afford them.

I study every collaboration request individually. I already had some really great experiences and some less great collaborations.

If you want to organise a planner event and need some freebies sheets, I need to know more details than "We are a little group of planner fans and want to try your stickers." ;) But! I'm glad to collaborate for "serious" projects (personal or corporate), like I did for Malmö Planner Meet-up or like PlannerCon Europe.

pink watercolor octopus

6. Do your stickers fit my planner ?

I propose many stickers formats, but for some quality and logistic reasons, I cannot propose stickers for all planners available on the market ;)

These are the planners formats I made some stickers for:

  • Vertical Erin Condren Life Planners

    Boxes Size for Erin Condren vertical

  • Horizontal Erin Condren Life Planners

    Boxes Size Erin Condren horizontal

  • Monthly overview for Erin Condren Planners (vertical & horizontal)

    Boxes Size Erin Condren monthly overview

  • Happy Planners from MAMBY (Classic)

    Boxes Size Happy Planner classic

  • Monthly Overview for Happy Planners (Classic)

    Boxes Size Monthly Overview Happy Planner Classic

  • Inkwell Press Inserts
  • Personal Ring bound Planners
  • A5 Planners

There are also some freebies inserts you can download for Travellers' Notebooks in the section freebies.

pink watercolor planner

7. I don't understand the types of papers you propose

There are three different available kinds of paper :

  • "Matte removable" It is a matte paper that you can take off and stick again many times. It looks like normal paper. Take care to stick it on clean area and not on a too porous paper (it doesn't stick really good). Just be aware that it cannot be taked off again eternally!
  • "Matte permanent" It is a matte paper that you can't take off again. It looks like normal paper but is more sticky than the first one.
  • "Brillant permanent" It's a coated paper that looks like photo paper. It's a really sticky one and cannot be taked off again.

pink watercolor paperclip