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Help! Mais moi je parle français!

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Watercolor Stickers That Fit You

Seeding for the coming months...

Note: This is an extract of the newsletter I sent in March 2018. Some details are left private. If you want to subscribe for my newsletter, just click here.

Hellooo March !

March is finally here.... bringing for some of us the first glimpse of Spring.... fresh air blowing through the last snowflakes and frosty nights. They are becoming shorter and the daylight stretches daily a little bit more... Spring is coming!

Spring branch

Some happy news...

There are some happy news I wanted to share with you this month. Firstly I launched my Society6 platform ... What's Society6 you might ask? It is a platform for many artists to get their art printed on various materials... this could be mugs, travel mugs or pillows... you can choose (almost) whatever you want!

Society6 manages all of the production and shipping, the only thing I have to do is to send them the designs you would like to see on your daily favourite items! My first item was this pretty mug "Good Morning Lovely". One lucky planner addict won this mug at Plannercon Europe 2017.

I tested two versions of this mug (big and small) and must say I'm happy with the quality. The price is set by the company (I sadly can't choose) and may be a little bit higher than store bought mugs, but there are frequently special promotions on their website, so you can find them at a good price. I hope you will enjoy the hand designed items in your day to day life.

Hello lovely mug

Spring branch

Collaboration with Laura Vanderkam

The second good news is that, as I mentioned it in my latest newsletter, I'm pretty fond of what Laura Vanderkam produced as a time management writer. I must have all her books in my bookcase.

She is planning to release a new book, "Off the clock" in May and I will receive a pre-publication copy, so I will be able to share my opinion on this latest publication in my newsletters!

Spring branch

New stickers... new inserts

I took some time to work as promised on new inserts and new free printables. I'm pretty glad I could do so and would like to introduce you to the new spring inserts.

Freebies Planner A5 March

These pretty inserts are available free on my website. These are made for ringbound planners and for Travelers' Notebooks. You can complete them with any inserts you have already or with the printables of Etsy. These ones are available in French and English, as well as in vertical and horizontal formats (all included in the same files).

Vertical and horizontal boxes are designed to allow you to use any stickers you may already have, as they are sized to align with Erin Condren Life Planner sized boxes (4,8cm high).

Spring Printables Planner A5 March

We also had a new publication from Sassara's Collection with Forest Fairies. I'm personally so fond of the squirrel ^^

Forest Fairies Stickers

Spring branch

Final words...

So it's time for me to go through my Sunday checklist and to... plant some strawberries! I'm taking this rainy Sunday to chill, get some things done at home like gardening and ironing, writing newsletters... and drinking a lot of coffee ^^

Wishing you all the best for this month and don't forget... daylight is growing :)

Seeding Strawberries