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Watercolor Stickers That Fit You

Each seed grows differently...

Note: This is an extract of the newsletter I sent in April 2018. Some details are left private. If you want to subscribe for my newsletter, just click here.

Welcome April!

I'm glad to be able to sit behind my computer again and share with you some news and reflections for April. The weather has become more pleasant here and looks much more like summer than spring! This allowed my small seeds to grow (mentioned in my last article) and it reminded me something very interesting I wanted to relate this time.


Each seed grows differently...

My fingers aren't as green as I would like, but I have been trying for years! Last month I sowed the seeds of some strawberries, tomatoes and other herbs and... it didn't work really well! I had to start over for some of them, but something caught my attention: each seed has their own rhythm. Some of them grow fast and big and some of them sleep for weeks before daring to show some tiny green leaves.

I find it interesting because we first thought that the slower seeds weren't good at all. I thought I done something wrong or maybe the seeds I bought weren't of good quality. But no! They were just slower as the other ones... they had their own rhythm. Are they less good than the other ones? No... they are just different.

I connected this with us as humans. Sometimes we compare ourselves too much with others (and even more right now with the explosion of "social" medias). We "have" to be as good as good as others, as competent or as efficient as everyone else. We often forget something very important: each of us has our own unique features and life path!

Attempt to seed some strawberries

I discussed with a close friend a few months ago, as I was reading "The happiness project" from Gretchen Rubin. I first found the approach very interesting, but at the time, I was confronted with a lot of personal overload, concerning crucial troubles at many levels in my professional and personal life simultaneously.

My initial thought was "You cannot always apply to the letter to your life things that work or function for other people." Your circumstances are different, your life is different and YOU are different. I finally decided to postpone reading this book and maybe come back to it later because at this time, I felt no connection with this approach.

So I don't want to bore you with pseudo philosophical thoughts, but I wanted to share you what helped me to go through these hard times: don't compare you too much with others. Maybe you need to sleep two weeks before showing some green leaves, maybe you grow very faster and stronger than the other ones... and that's fine!


Back to stickers now!

So what's new? I am maybe in a period where I need more time to produce some new stickers [...] So I decided to vary the latest May Kit into personal and A5 format sheets. You can find both formats in my Etsy shop.

All stickers for May are available under the tab "For A5 Size MAY."

Personal Watercolor Planner Inserts

And all Personal sized sheets are available under the tab "Personal Size MAY."

A5 Watercolor Planner Inserts

You can as usual complete them with the corresponding printable files (Personal and A5), either for free in the freebies section or with the printables of Etsy. These are also made for Personal and A5 planners, in vertical and horizontal weekly formats and all in French and English (all included in the same files).

Free printables Planner Inserts


Aaand some special crafting too!

I also wanted to make something special for May. So next to the usual free printables, you can also download the stickers pouchs files for personal and A5 planners, so that you can put in them all your tiny stickers sheets and stickers left overs :)

Free printables Stickers pouch

You can find all explanations in my video :

All files for stickers pouch are in the Freebies section. I hope you will enjoy these new crafting opportunity and I look forward to see your creations!

I wish you a lovely week and all the best for the rest of this April month.